Shrinking from the Light

You might be doing everything right, be perfectly nice- yet people will still dislike you.

This can happen for a plethora of reasons – including that your light makes someone shrink from you.

They might complain about others and be frustrated that you won’t join them. Perhaps they are angry and resent your calmness despite sharing the same challenges. Or maybe they feel that your example highlights their own deficiencies.

It’s important to recognise when this happens, so you are not left wondering ‘why has this person all of a sudden changed towards me?’ or ‘why do they dislike me so much, when all I’ve done is be nice?’

Sometimes we’ve done nothing at all.

How do you handle a situation like this, when you need to work or socialise with the person in question?

First of all, keep being nice and polite. Don’t let their hesitation alter that. You never know what someone is going through, or how important your constant calm and positivity is to them.

Second, wait out. Maybe the person will deal with their issues and your former relationship will be restored. This might take days, weeks or even longer. Unless there is a reason to, such as someone stepping over a boundary, or being physically threatening or otherwise a danger to you, don’t close the door on them. Relationships have seasons, and perhaps yours is going through a ‘winter’ season. Hope for and act with the expectation of spring coming to your connection once again.

Finally, if you are so inclined, pray for them. You may be the only one who cares enough to do so. Prayer is powerful, and has a way of changing situations that humans cannot. Have faith that all will work out as it should, and keep doing good. You can’t go wrong following that formula.

Darcy xo.

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