Have you been ignoring that little voice?

The one that tells you you're on the wrong track.

The one that whispers to you during your day job.

The one that chides you when you go to bed at night.

Its especially loud when you read about entrepreneurs who made it. People who started out with an idea, and made it happen. 

You ignore the voice that says 'that can be you, too'.

Perhaps you walk past the bookshop, and yearn for your book to be in the window display. Then the little voice says 'can't be in the display because you haven't written it.'


If other people can do it, so can you. 

It takes confidence to put your work out into the world. 

I know. I lacked it for a long time. 

I wanted to write, but believed I had nothing new to say. I also wondered if anyone would like my work.

Years went by.

I did what I thought I should, rather than what I knew was right for me.

I chased a career I thought I wanted, until I realised it felt empty.

I yearned to write, and help people by coaching.

I didn't know where to start, but I started.

I jotted down stories and ideas. I did a coaching course.

More years went by.

But I grew stronger and wiser in that time, and developed systems that worked for me.

They helped me write an 85,000 word novel and publish three other works while starting my own business AND working full-time. 

And if I can do it, you can too!

The world needs you to make your dream a reality!

And with a plan tailored to suit you, plus nurturing support to overcome mindset limitations and practical challenges, you'll be on the path to success in no time.

Let's make your dream come true!

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Stories with Sass | Darcy Delany | Author | Writer | Authorpreneur | Entrepreneur | Business | Coaching

A modern-day woman with a love of all things classic.  I'm a coach, helping entrepreneurs and new authors find their voice, develop plans that work, and overcome blocks and challenges. 

So if you want to make your dream come true, you've come to the right place.

Darcy xo

Let's Get to Know Each Other

A modern-day woman with a love of all things classic.  I'm a coach, helping entrepreneurs and new authors find their voice by helping them overcome blocks and challenges so that they can make an impact in their lives and businesses. 

Looking for stories with sass? Want to get creative? You've come to the right place. Darcy xo

Let's get to know each other

Why Coach With Me?

First of all, coaching gets results.

According to the International Coach Federation, those who receive coaching experience a:

  • 70% improvement in their performance;
  • 57% improvement in time management;
  • 80% improvement in confidence;
  • 67% improvement in work/life balance.

While I’m all about taking action, though, I do so in a supportive and nurturing way.

When you work with me, you are working with someone experienced in helping people be their best selves. I believe that everyone has greatness in them, and my talent is drawing that out in the people I work with.

I genuinely care about you as a person and your hopes and dreams.

I believe everyone has a purpose in this life- and I love helping people find that purpose and live it. I know that making changes is hard, and that going after goals is scary- but with me by your side, it doesn’t need to be.

Working with me is like working with a caring, straight-talking big sister.

I’ll help you gain awareness and tell you the truth, always with your best interest in mind. With my razor sharp insights, I’ll help you get clarity and see what you can’t (or don’t want to!). And like a true big sister I’ll encourage you and cheer you on.

No slacking though, because I’ll call you on it! Making dreams come true is important work, and since I know you have star quality, I won’t let you give up when the going gets tough! I’ll keep you on track and accountable, usually with a joke or witty remark.

Making dreams come true is fun and exciting- like a roller coaster ride.

Are You Ready to Hop on Board?