Famous rejections: Elvis Presley

Rejection is part of the writing life and life more broadly, but it’s made far easier when you realise you are in good company! To help in those moments when you’re feeling a bit ‘meh’, I bring you the ‘Famous rejection’ posts.

Famous rejection #1: Elvis Presley. Rejected by a local groups, and asked where he fit-he didn’t. Its a question writers are often asked-what’s your genre? What’s your audience? Yet amazing books like the Outlander series cross many categories and appeal to many.

Many of us are like Elvis- we don’t ‘fit’ into a category, and we’re not getting a ‘yes’ despite plenty of hard work and talent. But imagine what the world would have missed out on if Elvis had given up? Don’t let the world miss out on what you have to offer, either:)

If you’re interested in more of Elvis’ journey, take a read of http://biography.elvis.com.au/

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