Looking For a Website? Here Are Some Things to Think About Before You Do Anything!

I’ve recently gone through the process of setting up a new website, and in contrast to the dream run I had using Wix, this time around, I had a shocking time outsourcing the creating of a WordPress site. It’s something I don’t want to see anyone else go through, so here are my top lessons learned: Lesson 1: Register your own domain name (they’re cheap and easy to register). Don’t allow anyone to register your domain name for you! If they do, they have control of your website name, and can withhold giving you access to it, so you have no hope of moving the website if they prove to be dodgy/unresponsive or both. They could also agree to sell it back to you at a ridiculous price. This excellent article outlines why you should register the name yourself: https://www.thesitewizard.com/domain/reclaim-website-from-bad-web-designer-host.shtml If you still choose to let someone to register your domain name, make sure it’s registered in your legal name. That way, you can provide the necessary ID to gain control of the site through change update.com. Lesson 2: Ensure you agree up front that you will have all the back files for the site. Otherwise, there are limits on what you can change/update on the site. I’ve seen a few sites offering package bundles that include domain name registration, hosting, design etc. This, in my experience, is a sneaky way of locking you into using the company for ongoing updates to your website, which you might have to pay a monthly fee for. Lesson 3: Communication. Can you get clear, quick answers to your questions? If you can’t find information about the services provided easily before you’re asked to pay, be suspicious. Promised that you’ll be taken care of, told not to worry? Look elsewhere. Why? If someone wants to take your money then the least they should do is clearly explain what you’ll get from them. If they can’t/won’t, then why should you trust them with your hard earned? Lesson 4: Don’t get caught in a delegation black hole. Consider who is doing the work. Is it the person you are dealing with or do they delegate it to others? If it’s delegated, there is a risk that there will be delays in the process, and that instructions might not be transferred as you gave them. Put things in writing and be specific.  Lesson 5: Being offered free email accounts? Be wary. What security do they have? What technical support? I asked a question about a problem I had and got a nonsense answer. Then I couldn’t upload an image to the signature, since they kind of forgot to add a button to upload images. When buying your domain name, you should also be offered the option of adding email addresses-buy them and configure them yourself so at least you have total control and some degree to support. Lesson 6: Being offered SEO management? This is something you can do yourself easily through your website hosting company. Don’t pay someone else to do it for you! You can spend a fortune on such services and get little result. I hope these tips help you on your website development journey. Good luck!

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