The Perils of Office Fridge Clean Outs

The Go-Between starts off in a typical workplace. And with that in mind, I wanted to explore a typical workplace issue-the office fridge clean out. The office fridge clean out may seem like a simple act of office hygiene. Little do the unsuspecting realise that it is a fraught political minefield. Put a note on the fridge and say you’re throwing out food if it’s still there on Friday when you plan to clean? You’ll get grumbles. Actually throw things out when you do clean? Watch your back! And if you find out you are the owner of ‘containers of shame’- food containers that look like everyone elses’ but contain food you’ve forgotten about? What else can you do but laugh as you remove the near radioactive container contents?:) #containerofshame If you like characters with spirit, why not join Amalie as she wrestles with workplace drama-and wins? 99c US until 27 September on Kindle

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