The Power of Generosity- With the Lovely Lesley Ann

Today I’m talking with the lovely Lesley Ann, a Romance Writers of Australia member who shone a little sparkle into the lives of authors at the end of 2016.

For those who are not members of the Romance Writers of Australia community, it is an amazing group of writers who support each other’s ups and downs, share information and promote the art of writing. Lesley Ann is a member who epitomises the generosity of spirit in this beautiful group.

Darcy: Lesley Ann, you recently made a very generous offer to Romance Writers of Australia members. You yourself are not yet a published author, but you put out an offer to promote the work of those who already are. What inspired you?

Lesley Ann: Well, Darcy, the idea came to me as I stewed about a conversation with an author friend. We discussed how each of us had negative experiences with published authors and my friend had even been snubbed when she asked if she could add her book to a post listing books of her genre. It didn’t make sense to me as I feel we should show a united front. Helping others achieve their dreams doesn’t come at a cost.

Darcy: How did you feel when the responses started flooding in from authors keen to accept your offer?

Lesley Ann: A little bit overwhelmed LOL. My main concern is that I don’t have enough experience with social media to do their books justice. But, as long as they continue to send me information on their work, I will continue to share.

Darcy: What was the impact of your offer on your own writing journey?

Lesley Ann: Since my post, I have begun to read genres I wouldn’t normally buy as they all look so interesting. I believe reading well written books can only improve my own writing. Some of these authors have set the bar very high but, I am always up for a challenge.

Darcy: Through this exercise you have seen many different author websites. What would you recommend authors do to make their websites user friendly?

Lesley Ann: Keep it simple. Hook the reader with interesting graphics and make the page easy to navigate. I find that, if I have to search for links, I usually give up.

Thank you so much Darcy for the opportunity.

Darcy: You’re welcome Lesley Ann, and thank you for your support of fellow writers.

About Lesley Ann:

My genre is Paranormal romance but I have also written books in Intrigue, YA, and I am currently working on a Fantasy story. In 2014 I won a short story writing competition for ‘The AVO ’but, as yet, I have not had any books published. I have a BA in English and Ancient History and I plan on writing under my Great Grand mother’s name. Annie Harland Creek. I have set up a FB page under that name but I’m not sure what to do with it until I’m published. If anyone has any suggestions…I’d be very grateful.

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