‘Should’ Thinking

I had an interesting conversation with someone recently. She was in a dispute (I won’t go into the details) and was thinking about meeting the other party just to ‘talk’. ‘I need to meet with them.’ Her hand went to her stomach. ‘Oh, I feel sick just saying it’. ‘Why do you need to meet with them? Why can’t you communicate through your lawyer?’ ‘Because I have to.’ ‘Says who?’ Once she started digging deeper,  there was in fact no reason to see the other party. She was basing her decision on ‘shoulds’. This lady’s body already knew the answer, and was giving her a very loud warning. It was screaming at her not to go ahead with her plan, but her mind was trying to argue her out of it. I felt compelled to share this experience because I sense that there are many people out there doing just what this lovely lady was doing. People who are stuffing down their intuition, denying what their heart is telling them, because of ‘shoulds’. So if you get a twinge, or pause to answer a request, please dig deeper. What ‘shoulds’ are you reacting to? If you need help to bust through ‘should’ thinking, book in for a free 20 min discovery call with me. Together, we can start busting you out of ‘should’ prison, and get you on the right path for you.

Darcy xo

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