Stinking Thinking

It worries me how many people #blame themselves straight away in a #conflict or if something goes wrong. If you are an entrepreneur or creative person, this tendency can hinder you in many sneaky ways, squashing your #confidence and taking you out of the game before you’ve seen success.
Yes it is good to reflect on your part in a situation, but constant thoughts like ‘they don’t like me because I am (too this, too that, not good enough)’  or ‘ they did it because I (insert reason here)’ are a sign of what Joyce Meyer calls ‘stinking thinking’. It is a great phrase that captures the essence of an unhelpful mindset. That is a classic spiritual warfare tool used to throw you off track from your destiny. What better way to fell an opponent than to hit them where they are weakest?
If you are trapped in a stinking thinking mindset, you can change!
Click here to learn:
– what negative beliefs might be polluting your thinking
– how to blitz them, and
– how to establish  beliefs that serve you.
It’s time you put your mental energy to good use, and stop wasting it on #condemnation and #worry! Wrestle back control of your thinking and your destiny!

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