The Ugly Duckling and The Go-Between

What does a duck have to do with my latest story, The Go-Between? The tale of The Ugly Duckling is one most of us are familiar with, in a general sense. The little duck in the story is treated poorly because he’s different, told to become this, that or the other to fit in, until he turns into a swan, and finds his place in the world. According to many, the tale is based on the life of it’s author, Hans Christian Anderson, which you can read about here. It’s similar to Amalie’s journey in The Go-Between. Why did I write such a story? To inspire anyone who isn’t ‘fitting in’ and is being harried for it. To give them hope, as the story of The Ugly Duckling does. It’s a positive, sweet story about finding ‘home’ with the right person, and is on sale for 99c US until 27 Sept. You can pre-order your copy on Kindle.

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