Do It Your Way

A few years back I was eagerly scooping up any advice that came into my social media feed.

I signed up for free webinars, downloaded the PDFs of hot tips and did free courses, eager to discover the ‘special sauce’ so many promised would get me results.

But the results didn’t flow.

Maybe I missed a step? Perhaps I needed to just try it a little longer?

So I continued on, only to become more disillusioned.

I’d been on the hamster wheel for a while until one day I got FED UP with promises that didn’t manifest.

And I made a crucial decision- I wasn’t taking yet another free course, watching another webinar, or going into another sales funnel.

My head was spinning with different advice. I needed to slow down, work out what was most important and focus on getting that right.

It was the best decision I could have made.

I lasered my time and attention on one key area of my business at a time. I would get the training or knowledge I needed, apply it, and work out what suited my business. If I didn’t get results, I tweaked my method, until I found an approach that worked for me.

I realised I didn’t need someone else to tell me what was right for me business!

I felt freer and more confident than I had in ages, and I had so much more time available because I wasn’t chasing after the latest ‘sure thing’!

So if your head is spinning with lots of different advice – stop. Work out what is most crucial to you now, and focus on that.

Trust yourself, take your time and you’ll find your own ‘special sauce’ soon enough:)

Darcy xo

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