A Visit from Blaise Lee, the Heroine of I Don’t Date in December

Despite the excitement of election day here in Australia yesterday, Blaise Lee, the heroine of I Don’t Date in December has dropped by to talk about the book ahead of it’s release on 5 July. Over to you, Blaise! Thanks Darcy, always happy to chat about myself! Ha ha. Its recently been shown that people’s attention spans are shorter than a goldfish’s these day-maybe that is why men vanished when I had to cancel dates before Christmas. Whatever happened to ‘faint heart never won fair maiden?’ These guys would have trouble catching a cold, let alone a woman! I hate putting my energy into things I know won’t work out, and December dates never did. Cynical, I hear you say? Realist, more like. But like every woman, I wanted the fairy-tale ending-to live happily ever after with the man of my dreams. But can a forthright career woman like me have her happily ever after? You’ll have to read I Don’t Date in December to find out!:) I Don’t Date in December is available from Kindle or Amazon.

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