When it Rains

Sometimes it feels like I take one step forward, two steps back in business! After months of setting up sales funnels and building relationships with contacts, the platform I use had a technical issue and lost the data on some of the funnels. Months of work, and money spent to advertise and reach people to join my lists, has been wasted. I have to admit I felt like bursting into tears when I discovered the extent of the issue- cue my own violin moment! But after a bit of tearing up, I switched into action mode, because I’ve come way too far to be thwarted by this technical glitch. I truly believe that something good will come out of it-maybe not tomorrow, but somewhere in the grand scheme of things, it will work out for good (thanks Romans 8:28 for stamping this in my mind!). Setting up and running a business can be filled with moments like this, and the better prepared you are for them, the more quickly you move through them. So if you’re having a moment, you’re not alone. Vent (with a big virtual hug from me) and maybe have a sneaky choccie as we say in Australia (short for chocolate, Australians love to shorten words!) Then get back into the action. Because you’re on a mission, and don’t let anyone, or anything stop you! Darcy xo PS: also, feel free to share a funny meme, I know I could use one!:) #inspiration #entrepreneurship #business #businesschallenges #ITproblems

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