Where Are You Spending Your Time?

Busy. It’s the new buzzword. It suggests purpose, importance and belonging. But how much of this ‘busyness’ is really effective?
Being busy all the time doesn’t mean you are making progress. You could be spinning around in circles, tiring yourself out, and achieving zilch.
To test whether you’re a busy but not necessarily effective bee, look at how you spend your time over a week. Is it filled with numbing activities, like watching bad TV? Do you do things you feel you should, just to please others?
If so, it’s time we talked. Once you have set goals and priorities, it’s easier to spot activities that don’t support you, and do something about it.
I have two spots available for someone who would like to get clear and get productive this year. So if your new year hasn’t panned out the way you wanted it to, grab your spot now!
Email me at darcy@storieswithsass.com and you too can feel productive rather than time poor, stressed and guilty.
Darcy xo
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